About ICC

In today’s increasingly fractured and tribalised world, Christianity is seen by many to be at best irrelevant, and at worst the root cause of our problems. What the world needs to see today is that the Gospel offers a hope and a future that can come only from a new vision, a kingdom vision, for all of God’s creation.

For this to happen, the Church needs a renewed understanding of its part in what God is doing in the world and to engage with contemporary societies, at the frontiers of mission.

At International Christian College we are committed to training Christian workers, and providing resources, which will serve the church as she seeks to join in God’s mission:

  • in cross-cultural situations of competing religions and ideologies
  • in urban settings of poverty and hopelessness
  • among young people disillusioned with institutional religion and sometimes with life in general
  • with children at risk and in need across the world
  • in the market place, where most Christians spend most of their time
Graduate snapshot:

"Learning from students from other cultures and denominations was very useful as we live and work in a multicultural and interdenominational setting."

Gerard & Sarah Charles
Working in East Asia