The Heresy App


Heresy App LogoHave you ever sat in church wondering whether the preacher’s theology is quite as ‘sound’ as it could be? Have you ever given a sermon and found yourself wondering how close your theology is to Christian orthodoxy? Wonder no longer! ICC’s Heresy App™ is here.

So what do you think when you hear about Marcion?
- A good editor?
- Realistic about which bits of the Bible Christians really read?
- Heretic?

Heresy App PhoneIt is easy to use and compatible with most brands of mobile technology. Once installed, simply type in the word or phrase which causes you concern or unease, and the app will indicate whether or not this falls outside the bounds of accepted Christian orthodoxy. You will be able to correct preachers and Christian friends at the touch of a button, and with the development of ICC ‘smiting app’ this could literally be the case (this app is currently at the research and development stage).

Have you ever wondered about the Prosperity Gospel?
- Worth a shot in the Credit Crunch?
- Good financial management?
- Heresy?

ICC’s Principal, Richard Tiplady, says of the new app “I’m excited about the potential of this to revolutionise the church in the UK, and further afield. It brings the possibility of a doctrinally consistent church closer then ever before. And best of all, it lets me know whether I’m orthodox before I speak.”

What does Modalism mean to you?
- A theological version of water/ice/steam?
- I know what they decided at Chalcedon, but this is easier.
- Heresy?

For details of how to download the app click here.