Discovering the Christology of Edward Irving

Edward IrvingStudents in their honours year are required to undertake a major research project on a subject of their choice. Trevor Martindale, who graduated with 1st class honours in 2009, wrote his on Edward Irving's Incarnational Christology: A Theological Examination of Irving’s Notion of Christ’s Sinful Flesh as it relates to the Fullness of the Incarnation.

Trevor MartindaleIrving was a Church of Scotland minister in the early 19th century but parted company from the denomination because of theological differences in the areas of Christology and Pneumatology. In his day he was condemned as a heretic but the Kirk has recanted and a statue in his honour now stands in the Church yard in Annan, the town of his birth and venue of the trial that revoked his ordination.

Trevor's dissertation has been published online by The Pneuma Foundation, a website which seeks to resource Pentecostal/Charismatic believers to a greater understanding of Scripture and theology.  You can read Trevor's dissertation here.

Trevor is currently doing an MTh in ‘Theology in History’ at the University of Edinburgh, after which he hopes to do PhD in theology.

Jane McArthur
Lecturer in Christian Doctrine